Desktop Publishing

Technical Competancy Area

The goal of this this Technical Competency Area in Desktop Publishing is to train both degree-seeking
and non-degree students in basic of publishing skills, particularly the basic computer skills needed.

Whether it's for a magazine, newspaper, print companies or the company newsletter; there are many opportunities for individuals with desktop publishing skills. Working closely with professionals in the Greater New Orleans area, the ADOT faculty make certain that DCC students are learning the sought
after skills needed by local employers. Whether you want a career in desktop publishing or just want to add desktop publishing to your present skill set, our courses can help you reach your goals.

Required Courses (12 credits total)  

ADOT-106 Word Processing
To master the use of Microsoft Word 2007, a word processing program used for creating and editing documents. The course covers all the basic functions of word processing along with the use of the Windows Explorer. Pre-requisite: Typing 25 wpm.  

ADOT-131 Photo-editing for Windows
An introductory course to photo-editing software used to prepare photographs and photographic-quality artwork for the web and print. Proficiency with the Windows operating system recommended.  

ADOT-135 Digital Illustration with Windows
Students will develop skills using industry-standard software to create and modify illustrations. Using hands on projects students will prepare illustrations for use in both print and the web. Proficiency with the Windows operating system recommended.  

ADOT-141 Introduction to Desktop Publishing
A hands-on basic approach in the use of hardware and software involved in desktop publishing. Documents include newsletters, reports, brochures, flyers, resumes and other industry related publications. Pre-requisite(s): None. However, knowledge of personal computers in general and word processing is assumed.