DEGREE: Associate of Applied Science.
DIVISION: Business and Technology.

A career in Accounting involves the financial aspects of a business. Students interested in Accounting will learn how businesses track revenues, expenses, assets, liabilities, and owner's equity. Accountants prepare, analyze, and verify financial reports, monitor information systems to track financial performance, prepare tax returns, as well as determine costs for health care benefits management. According to the Department of Labor, employment for accountants is expected to increase, growing faster than the average for all occupations.

The Division and its programs are accredited by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs. The curriculum for the Accounting degree program has been updated for 08-09. Continuing students will continue under the catalog in effect when they entered the program.  

  DEPT-No.     Course Name
  ACCT-201     Accounting I
  ACCT-202     Accounting II
  ACCT-214     Tax Accounting I
  ECON-201     Macroeconomics
  ACCT-211     Managerial Accounting
  BUSL-250     Environment of Business  
  Choose two(2) courses from courses 212+  
  Approved Requirements
  DEPT-No.     Course Name
  BUSG-129     Introduction to Business
  BUSG-178     Business Communications
  BUSG-224     Business Computer Applications  
  MANG-201     Principles of Management
  MANG-275     Project Management
  General Education Requirements**
  DEPT-No.     Course Name  CH 
 ENGL-101     English Composition I   3  
 ENGL-102     English Composition II   3  
 MATH-118     College Algebra   3  
 MATH-120     Math Survey   3  
    Fine Arts Requirement     3  
    Humanities Requirement     3  
    Natural Science Requirement     6  
  * Required grade of "C" or higher.

 ** To facilitate transfer to certain colleges, substitute MATH-130 and a
higher-level MATH course for MATH-118 and MATH-120.

See General Education Requirements, pages 114-115, for approved:
Fine Arts, Humanities, Natural Science, and Social Science courses.

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  Accounting Courses:
  DEPT-No.     Course Name
  ACCT-111     Fundamentals of Accounting
  ACCT-201     Accounting I
  ACCT-202     Accounting II
  ACCT-211     Managerial Accounting
  ACCT-212     Intermediate Accounting I
  ACCT-213     Intermediate Accounting II
  ACCT-214     Tax Accounting I -- Individuals
  ACCT-215     Tax Accounting II - Corporations  
  ACCT-218     Payroll Accounting
  ACCT-221     Computerized Accounting
  ACCT-230     Governmental Accounting