Business Administration


Associate of Science

The Business Administration program has been re-designed for the academic year 07-08. *


Associate of Science in Business Administration

The Associate of Science degree program in Business Administration is designed to prepare students planning to enroll in a four-year university immediately upon graduation. This degree is designed to provide the foundation they need to succeed in majors such as: Accounting, Business Administration, Management or Marketing at four-year universities. Additionally, the curriculum has been carefully designed to provide the maximum number of credits that will transfer to a four-year university as possible.

For those students interested in a more career-focused business education, Delgado offers additional business programs in this catalog under Accounting and Management. Students are encouraged to examine those programs as well and consult with an advisor in Business and Technology to determine the educational program that best meets their goals.

All of our programs are accredited by both the Southeastern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and the The Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

Required Courses in Major


ACCT 205 Principles of Financial Accounting** 3
BUSG 129 Introduction to Business 3
BUSG 178 Business Communication 3
BUSG 224 Business Computer Applications 3
BUSL 250 Legal Environment of Business 3
MANG 201 Principles of Management 3
MANG 275 Project Management*** 3
MARK 201 Principles of Marketing 3
Total 24


Required Related


ECON 201 Macroeconomics 3
ECON 202 Microeconomics 3
Total 6





ENGL 101   Engl. Comp. I  


Humanities Requirement   3
ENGL 102   Engl. Comp II  


Natural Science Requirement *****  6
MATH 118   Alg. for Coll. Sts. **** 


Fine Arts Requirement 3
MATH 128   Explorations in College Algebra




Approved Electives

Choose 9 credits from the following list

  • ACCT 211 Managerial Accounting (Recommended)

  • MATH 203 Statistics (Recommended)
  • BUSG 115 Starting a New Business
  • BUSG 131 Internship
  • BUSG 125 Personal Finance
  • BUSG 151 Personal Investments
  • ECON 272 Money and Banking
  • MANG 215 Information Systems Management
  • MARK 211 Salesmanship
  • MARK 212 Advertising
  • MARK 213 Retailing
  • RLST 161 Principles of Real Estate
  • BUSG 200 International Business
  • MANG 228 International Management

Total Credits in Program 63

*Continuing students will continue under the catalog in effect when they entered the program. Previous Curriculum

**Students may substitute ACCT 201 + ACCT 202 for ACCT 205

*** Should be taken in student’s final semester

**** To facilitate transfer to certain colleges, substitute a higher-level MATH courses for MATH 118.

*****Students should consult with a counselor to determine which sciences transfer to senior universities.