Human Resources

Associate of Applied Science

The Human Resources program of study, a concentration within the Business & Management program, is designed to expose students to technical knowledge used in dealing successfully with people and to provide skills required to communicate with and motivate others in the management functions of business. Successful completion of the courses required to receive the AAS in Business & Management will help prepare students to qualify for entry-level training programs or entry-level management positions.

This program is accredited by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs.

Required Courses for All Business & Management Concentrations

    • ACCT 201 Accounting I

    • BUSG 129 Intro to Business

    • CMIN 201 Computer Literacy or BUSG 224 Business Comp. Applications

    • MANG 201 Principles of Management

    • BUSG 131Internship

    • MARK 201 Principles of Marketing

    • BUSL 250 Legal Environment of Business

    • BUSG 178 Business Communication

Required Related

  • ECON 201 Macroeconomics

  • ECON 202 Microeconomics

Required for Human Resources/Management Concentration

  • MANG 131 Human Resource Management
  • MANG 224 Supervision

    Electives (Choose 4 from the following list)

  • ACCT 218 Payroll Accounting
  • BUSG 210 Business Ethics
  • MANG 101 Human Relations in Bus.
  • MANG 203 Labor Relations
  • MANG 215 Mang Information Systems
  • MANG 226 Organizational Leadership


    ENGL 101   Engl. Comp. I  


    Humanities Requirement   3
    ENGL 102   Engl. Comp II  


    Natural Science Requirement  3
    MATH 118   Alg. for Coll. Sts. **** 


    MATH 120   Math Survey



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    * Required grade of “C” or higher.
    ** Should be taken during last year of study.
    *** To facilitate transfer to certain colleges, substitute MATH 130 and a higher-level Mathematics
    course for MATH 118 and MATH 120.

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    For More Information call 504-671-6100