Retail Management

To move up to a better job in the retail industry, you need to gain some form of management training. Earning a degree in retail management qualifies you to participate in strategic planning, interact with vendors and designers, and manage a staff. Retail managers, also called purchasing managers, are involved in every facet of the business.

A retail management program is perfect for the student with previous retail experience, as it adds the principles of business and finance to your experience. Our consumer-driven society has created a high demand for graduates with the bachelor of retail management credential.

This program is accredited by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs.


  • ACCT 201 Accounting I

  • BUSG 129 Intro to Business

  • CMIN 201 Computer Literacy or BUSG 224 Business Comp. Applications

  • MANG 201 Principles of Management

  • BUSG 131Internship

  • MARK 201 Principles of Marketing

  • BUSL 250 Legal Environment of Business

  • BUSG 178 Business Communication


Retail Management Concentration

  • MANG 101 Human Relations in Business
  • MARK 213 Retailing
  • MARK 215 Merchandising


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Electives choose 3

  • BUSG 121 Business Math
  • MANG 203 Labor Relations
  • MANG 224 Supervision
  • MANG 226 Organizational Leadership
  • MARK 215 Merchandising
  • MARK 216 Purchasing

General Education Requirements


ENGL 101   Engl. Comp. I   3   Humanities Requirement   3
ENGL 102   Engl. Comp II   3   Natural Science Requirement    3
MATH 118   Alg. for Coll. Sts.   3      
MATH 120   Math Survey   3      


* Required grade of “C” or higher.
** Should be taken during last year of study.
*** To facilitate transfer to certain colleges, substitute MATH 130 and a higher-level Mathematics
course for MATH 118 and MATH 120.


Required Related

  • ECON 201 Macroeconomics

  • ECON 202 Microeconomics

Required Courses for All Business & Management Concentrations