Certificate of Horticulture Technology


Technical Certificate I Class Descriptions I Fall 2013 Class Schedule | Plant Sale

CERTIFICATE: Technical Studies Program
DIVISION: Business & Technology

Horticulture Technology Certificate Program provides students with the basic skills and knowledge to begin a career in the Green Industry. The Green Industry includes areas such as nurseries, garden centers, greenhouses, landscape operations, golf courses and grounds maintenance operations. The program is tailored specifically for the Green Industry in and around the Southeastern Louisiana area. The graduate will be prepared for state licensing examinations and entry-level management and self-employment opportunities in nurseries, garden centers, greenhouses, landscape operations, golf courses, grounds maintenance, and local, state, and parish agencies.

  DEPT-No.     Course Description:  CR
  HORT-101   Gen. Horticulture   3 
  HORT-110   Soil Science   2
  HORT-111   Plant Materials   3
  HORT-112   Plant Propagation   3
  HORT-113   Environmental Landscape Improvements I     2
  HORT-120   Horticulture Professionalism   1
  HORT-151   Horticulture Internship I   2
  HORT-200   Applied Botany for Horticulture   2
  HORT-214   Landscaping Int. Pest Management   3

  Choose 3 credit hours from:
  DEPT-No.     Course Description:  CR
  ACCT-111   Fundamentals of Accounting   3 
  ACCT-222   Computerized Accounting Using Quickbooks     3
  BUSG-115   Starting a New Business   3
  MANG-222   Small Business Management   3
  MANG-224   Supervision   3
  SPCH-131   Interpersonal Communications   3

  Choose 6-8 credit hours from:
  DEPT-No.     Course Description:  CR
  HORT-114   Turf Grasses   2 
  HORT-160   Horticultural Certification   3
  HORT-201   Greenhouse Management & Production Methods     3
  HORT-204   Irrigation   2
  HORT-213   Environmental Landscape Improvement II   2
  HORT-221   Urban Forestry   3
  HORT-222   Landscape Design and Management   2


  * Required grade of "C" or higher.

Students planning to pursue a baccalaureate program should contact that receiving institution for determination of course transferability. A listing of Delgado courses can be found at Delgado Community College's web site at:  http://www.dcc.edu/transfer/courselist.pdf