Fine Arts


FNAR 103 Drawing I

Basic drawing principles and concepts using various media and techniques.

FNAR 104 Drawing II

Intermediate course in representational and subjective drawing using various media and techniques. Prerequisite: FNAR 103 or equivalent.


FNAR 113 Painting I

Introduction to formal and technical problems of painting emphasizing pictorial organization and color theory.

FNAR 114 Painting II

Intermediate course in painting, with experimentation in various media, techniques, and imagery. Prerequisite: FNAR 113 or equivalent.

FNAR 120 Art Appreciation

Introduction to the study of art, the creative process, and the principles for critical judgment.


FNAR 125 Art History Survey I

Survey of prehistoric through Gothic period.


FNAR 126 Art History Survey II

Survey of Renaissance through modern period.


FNAR 127 Contemporary Art

Issues and influences in contemporary art, ranging from early Modernist schools to American Abstract Expressionism, Pop art and the Postmodern. Prerequisite: Placement in English 101.

FNAR 150 Introduction to Gemology

Nature, physical properties, and sensitivity of gemstones. Techniques of examining and fashioning gemstones and factors that determine market value.


FNAR 151 Jewelry I

Basic jewelry manufacturing and repair.  History of jewelry, its role in fashion and culture, the art of jewelry making, and the meaning of jewelry are discussed. Students purchase own tools and equipment.


FNAR 152 Jewelry II

Continuation of FNAR 151. Prerequisite: FNAR 151.


FNAR 153 Jewelry III

Advanced course to prepare students for entry as bench mechanics in jewelry manufacture and repair.


FNAR 154 Jewelry IV

Continuation of FNAR 153. Prerequisite: FNAR 153.


FNAR 155 Ceramics I

Introduction to ceramic materials and techniques of hand construction, decorating, glazing, and throwing on the potter's wheel.


FNAR 156 Ceramics II

Continuation of Ceramics I with emphasis on use of the potter's wheel. Prerequisite: FNAR 155.


FNAR 158 Three-Dimensional Design

Introduction to techniques, materials and processes of three-dimensional design. Studio exercises and projects.


FNAR 160 Sculpture I

Introduction to sculptural process and three-dimensional form. Various materials and techniques are used.


FNAR 161 Sculpture II

Continuation of Sculpture I, with emphasis on exploration of various sculptural techniques, materials and processes. Prerequisite: FNAR 160 or equivalent.


FNAR 202 Advanced Drawing

Advanced studio problems in drawing, emphasizing individual drawing concepts.  Prerequisite: FNAR 104 or equivalent.


FNAR 207 Pastel Painting

Methods and techniques of painting in pastel.


FNAR 209 Painting III

Directed studio problems in painting, emphasizing self-initiated projects.  Prerequisite: FNAR 114 or equivalent.


FNAR 211 Advanced Painting

Advanced studio problems in painting, emphasizing self-initiated projects.  Prerequisite: FNAR 114 or equivalent.


FNAR 212 Figure Drawing

Anatomy gesture, and contour drawing of the human figure. Various media and techniques are used. Prerequisite: FNAR 103 or equivalent.


FNAR 213 Water Media Painting

Methods and techniques of painting in transparent watercolor and gouache.


FNAR 225 Advanced Ceramics

Advanced studio problems, emphasizing individual ceramic concepts employing various construction, glazing, and firing techniques.  Prerequisite: FNAR 156 or equivalent.


FNAR 241 Advanced Stone Setting

Advanced stone setting techniques used with various types of jewelry. Prerequisite: FNAR 154 or permission of instructor.


FNAR 251 Special Problems

Advanced studio problems in fine arts. Concentrated work in area of student's interest.  Prerequisite: Advanced standing or permission of the division dean.