Interior Design



INTD 111 History of Interior Design I

Interiors, interior architecture, furnishings, and cultural influences from ancient times through the 18th century.

INTD 125 Drafting for Interior Design

Studies interior spaces, furniture and furnishings through drafting problems related to interiors; beginning drafting techniques.

INTD 131 Two-Dimensional Design

Fundamentals of two-dimensional design. Same course as VISC 131

INTD 141 Interior Design I

Principles of interior design profession.  Prerequisite: INTD 131, INTD 125.

INTD 151 Interior Design II

Basic design elements and concepts of residential design. Prerequisites: INTD 141.

INTD 161 History of Interior Design II

Interiors, interior architecture, furnishings, and cultural influences from Early American through Contemporary.

INTD 201 Interior Design III

Analysis and problem situations in the design and planning of office spaces. Prerequisites: INTD 151.

INTD 242 Computers for Interior Design

Methods of using the computer to solve problems related to interior spaces. Prerequisites: INTD 125.

INTD 251 Interior Design IV

Design problems related to large commercial spaces. Professional practices and application of business techniques to interior design profession. Prerequisites: INTD 201.

INTD 260 Color for Interior Space

Nature of color, theories of color, and application of color in interior design.

INTD 268 Interior Materials, Finishes and Furnishings

Types and sources of materials, finishes and furnishings used in interior spaces.

INTD 270 Lighting Design

Application of light in a variety of practical interior design situations. Prerequisites: INTD 141.

INTD 274 Interior Construction Systems

Building systems and construction methods and code requirements for interiors. Prerequisite: INTD 131.

INTD 286 Professional Practices for Interior Design

Preparation for practical situations in business of interior design. Includes standard practices and procedures, designer-client relations, design contracts, office management, team projects, professional ethics, coordination and supervision of services, and subcontractors.  Prerequisite: INTD 131.

INTD 292 Special Studies and Portfolio

Advanced work in an area of specialization and development of a professional portfolio.  Prerequisites: INTD 151.

INTD 295 Seminar in Interior Design

Study of information specific to interior design licensing test (NCIDQ). Prerequisite: INTD 141.

INTD 297 European Interiors

Travel course involving study and observation of European interiors.