PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy

Survey of Western thought from the early Greeks. Includes history and methodology of basic philosophical themes and problems.  Prerequisite: Placement in English 101 or permission of instructor.

PHIL 112 Elementary Logic

Principles and terminology of formal and informal logic.

PHIL 175 Social Ethics

Ideas of the great moral thinkers. Focuses on moral problems in a social context and standards by which society judges right and wrong.

PHIL 201 Philosophy of Religion

This course will examine the nature of religious beliefs and practices, as well as the connections with other parts of beliefs and practices that make up or perspective of the world. The course will also discuss how eastern religions impact the west.

PHIL 275 Medical Ethics

This course will undertake an in-depth examination of a selection of issues in medical ethics. The course will include careful examination of the philosophical theories of ethics that have guided medical ethics since its inception, case-based analysis, and historical contextualization of the issues.