SOCI 151 Introductory Sociology

Examines the scope and nature of sociological thought. Topics include culture, socialization, deviance, social institutions, social change and social organization.

SOCI 153 Introduction to Social Welfare

Comprehensive introduction to the discipline of social welfare and the profession of social work.

SOCI 155 Modern Social Problems

Social problems explored from various sociological and social policy perspectives.  Topics include alcohol and drug abuse, crime, family issues, discrimination (race, gender, class, religion, etc.) and health matters.

SOCI 208 Global Values

Current global issues such as population growth, homelessness, pollution, the role of women, and nuclear proliferation. A major research project is required, exploring an issue at the local, national, or international level. 

NOTE: Enrollment in Honors courses is limited to students with a 3.0 GPA or higher and no remaining Developmental English or
Reading requirements.  

SOCI 209 Criminology

Origin, extent, types and causes of criminal behavior. Topics include criminal theories as well as societal reaction to deviant behavior and criminal acts.

SOCI 240 Juvenile Delinquency

Theories of delinquency, the nature of delinquent behavior, and the juvenile justice system.  Same course as CRJU 240.

SOCI 250 Studies in Cultural Diversity

Sociological study of the principal groups in the United States by class, ethnicity, religious and gender categories; also includes theories for the causes and consequence of intergroup conflict.

SOCI 255 Marriage and the Family

Marriage and family patterns. Topics include dating, gender roles, mate selection, parenthood and divorce. Prerequisite: SOCI 151.

SOCI 257 Sociology of the Aging

Characteristics of the elderly and different aspects of aging; biological, political, psychological and social. Topics include social policies affecting the elderly.

SOCI 270 Victimology

Overview of victims of crime in America, focusing on index crime victims, as well as the victim’s role in preventing or assisting crime, and the relation of the victim to the criminal justice system. Special crime victims such as missing children, abused children, the elderly and battered women will be given attention.
Same course as CRJU 270.

SOCI 295 Criminal Justice Research

Introduction to forms and applications of criminal justice research, including the generation of data and statistical analysis. Emphasizes interpretation of research findings.  Prerequisite: ENGL 101. Same course as CRJU 295.