Television Production


TEVP 124 Introduction to Television/Film Production Process

Theoretical and practical introduction to the language, aesthetics, and techniques of production from conception to completion.  The pre-production, production, and postproduction phases of the production process are emphasized. Various formats, technologies, and skills will be examined.

TEVP 125 Introduction to Radio Production Process

Provides students with an overview of the radio production process. Students will study the aesthetics and techniques of audio production and will include scripting, editing, and production of several program forms to possibly air on the campus radio station.

TEVP 127, 128, 227, 228 I-IV TV Production

Hands-on application of the knowledge and skills used in TV Production. Students will have the opportunity to gain practical experience and build a portfolio of service-learning based projects.

TEVP 251 Field Production

Use of portable video equipment and technologies in production as applied to ENG (Electronic News Gathering) and EFP (Electronic Field Production) including corporate video, non-broadcast video, and other applications of location video production. Includes post-production editing.  Prerequisite: TEVP 124.

TEVP 252 Editing and Post Production

State-of-the-art techniques in television editing. Designed for students interested in freelance or production positions. Prerequisite: TEVP 124.

TEVP 253 Grip & Electric

Practical application of theory and equipment use for television production and feature and commercial filmmaking. The focus is on trouble-shooting, teamwork, set protocol, and safety.

TEVP 254 Studio Production/Direction

Basic studio producing-directing techniques required for production of live on-tape programs. Includes practical experience in setup and operation of multi-camera studio equipment, lighting equipment, and audio equipment as well as use of the video switcher, and character generator. Prerequisite: TEVP 124.

TEVP 255 Corporate Communication

Explores the corporate culture and its utilization of television production as a communications tool. Students research, develop, and produce a short corporate / educational / industrial program. Prerequisite: MSCM 212.

TEVP 259 Documentary Production

In-depth look at story and structure to films and videos based on factual material. This course will lay out the basics of dealing with "real-life" material in a dramatic way. Various approaches and styles of storytelling will be explored.

TEVP 270 Practicum
Supervised study in an approved area of the Concentration. May include work experience in the television field as an intern or intensive research, seminars, and reports in a specific area of study. Prerequisite: Completion of a minimum of 12 hours in concentration and approval of instructor.