THEA 101 Introduction to the Theatre

Surveys major eras of theatre from Greeks to present. Emphasizes historical, literary, and production contributions to evolution of contemporary theatre. Attention to political, religious and sociological aspects of eras.

THEA 102 Modern Theatre

Explores playwrights who shaped 20th Century drama philosophies and production styles from Chekov, Ibsen and Strindberg through Shaw, O'Neill, Brecht and Beckett.  Corequisite: ENGL 101.

THEA 103 Stagecraft I

Technical study of backstage aspects of construction, painting and manipulation of stage settings and properties with emphasis on safety and organization of stage activity.  Corequisites: THEA 121, 122, 221, or 222 (Play Production).

THEA 110 Storytelling

Introduction to the art of storytelling techniques, with an emphasis on folklore and presentation style. Attention will be paid to use of costumes, props, and puppets.

THEA 111 Fundamentals of Acting

Improvisation and basic acting skills necessary in the development of building a life of a character; analysis of play structure from an actor's and critic's point of view. Through exercises, relaxation, sensory awareness, stage movement, text work, and critiques the student/actor will heighten awareness, refine focus and concentration, and expand the imagination.

THEA 113/213 Musical Theatre Workshop I- II

Introduction and exploration of acting techniques and vocal styles used in musical theatre performance. Performance theories and styles integrated with vocal and acting practice. Fall semester only. Corequisites: Private voice lessons: MUSC 123, 124, 223, 224, 163, 164. 263, 264, 183, 184, 283, or 284.

THEA 121/122/221/222 Play ProductionLab I

Participation in technical or performance production of theatre productions at Delgado.  Required course for all PFMA/Theatre Majors.  Open to all students.

THEA 131 Movement for Theatre

Exploration of various movement techniques, principles, and styles used in stage performance. Students will develop skills in the concepts of basic spatial stage relationships, unarmed combat, armed combat, and/or period or stylized movement.

THEA 207 Classical Theatre

Literature and theatre of Renaissance.  Emphasizes Shakespeare and his contemporaries. Includes English, French, and Italian acting styles, theatre architecture, and production conventions. Prerequisites: THEA 101, ENGL 101.

THEA 208 Ethnic/Minority Theatre
Social values as represented in the contemporary theatre. Covers non-Western, alternative life-style, women's studies, and physically challenged plays and performance styles. Prerequisite: ENGL 101.

THEA 211 Acting II

Introduces the student actor to the characterization skills necessary in the development of building a life of a character, to analyze play structure and characterization from the point-of-view of the actor and the critic. Through exercises, relaxation, sensory awareness, stage movement, text/scene work, and critiques; the student actor will heighten awareness of self and partner, refine focus, characterization, concentration, and expand the imagination.

THEA 213 Musical Theatre

Survey of the history of musical theatre and acting techniques and vocal styles used in musical theatre performance. The student will study performance theories and styles and will integrate these with vocal and acting exercises.

THEA 241 Acting for the Camera

Introduces the student to acting techniques used in television and film. The student will have on-camera experience in sustained scenes and commercial styles.

THEA 250 Stage Management

Study of principles, duties and responsibilities of stage management. Practical experience through involvement in Delgado Theatre productions. Prerequisites: THEA 103, 203 or permission of instructor.