Approved Courses


The following are approved Fine Arts, Humanities, Social Science, and Natural Science courses that meet program requirements for a degree. Students may not use a course in their major to fulfill their degree requirements.

Fine Arts
FNAR 103 Drawing I
FNAR 113 Painting I
FNAR 120 Art Appreciation
FNAR 125 or 126 Art History Survey I and II
FNAR 127 Contemporary Art
FNAR 151 Jewelry Making I
FNAR 155 Ceramics I
FNAR 158 Three Dimensional Design
FNAR 213 Water Media Painting
MUSC 105 Music Appreciation
MUSC 200 Introduction to Jazz Literature
THEA 101 Introduction to Theatre
THEA 102 Modern Theatre
THEA 111 Fundamentals of Acting
THEA 207 Classical Theatre


Courses to fulfill the general education requirement in humanities must be selected from the following:

ARCH 180 History of Architecture
ASLS 101 American Sign Language I
ENGL 205 Introduction to Short Story and Novel
ENGL 206 Introduction to Poetry and Drama
ENGL 211 American Literature to 1865
ENGL 212 American Literature after 1865
ENGL 221 British Literature to 1798
ENGL 222 British Literature after 1798
ENGL 240-241 Current Topics in Literature
ENGL 243 Ethnic Literature
ENGL 244 African-American Writers
ENGL 253 Bible as Literature
FREN Any French course with FREN prefix
HIST Any History course 
HUMA 105 Humanities Through the Arts
HUMA 150 Structure of Western Thought: Ancient Greece
HUMA 201 Humanities: An Introduction
HUMA 220 Modernism in the Arts
HUMA 260 Activism and Change
PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 175 Social Ethics
SPAN Any Spanish course with SPAN prefix
SPCH 130 Fundamentals of Speech Communication
SPCH 230 Public Speaking

Natural Sciences

Courses to fulfill the general education requirement in natural science must be selected from the following:

BIOL Any biology course with BIOL prefix except BIOL 072, 095, and 114
CHEM Any chemistry course with CHEM prefix
GEOL Any geology course with GEOL prefix
PHYS Any physics course with PHYS prefix except PHYS 105
SCIE Any physical science course except SCIE 102

Social/Behavioral Sciences

Courses to fulfill the general education requirement in social science must be selected from the following:

ANTH Any anthropology or geography course with ANTH prefix
ECON 201 Macroeconomics
ECON 202 Microeconomics
POLI 180 American Government
PSYC Any psychology course with PSYC prefix except PSYC 290
SOCI 151 Introductory Sociology
SOCI 155 Modern Social Problems
SOCI 255 Marriage and the Family