Visual Communications-Graphic Design

VISC Mission Statement
The Visual Communications Degree Program at Delgado Community College provides an active learning environment where students with diverse backgrounds and goals develop the industry-specific skills needed to become successful practicing designers or progress to programs offering advanced degrees.
We offer professional skill development that reflects current trends in graphic design and that fulfills the professional expectations of the industry, local employers, the College and the Community.
Program Goals
To produce graduates with a common body of knowledge and understanding of industry expectations in order to achieve personal and educational goals in graphic design.

To develop students’ competence in the areas of:
·         Design fundamentals and creating solutions
·         Problem-solving process and critical thinking
·         Technical expertise and use of industry tools and language
·         Effective communication and interpersonal skills professionalism and self-management
Program Outcomes
1. Present and maintain a body of work that reflects diverse and innovative responses to design challenges and an awareness of professional expectations of the industry.
2. Conduct oneself professionally when taking and giving constructive critique and when working collaboratively with others.
3. Construct clear and logical arguments, using language of graphic design, for creative solutions to design issues.

 4. Confidently and correctly use industry standard tools and technology to produce creative graphic designs that clearly illustrate the standard principles and theories of design expected in the field (clearly defined list of standard principles and theories TBD).
5. Confidently and correctly use industry standard tools and technology to construct appropriate visual responses to communication problems that demonstrate a command of fundamental design skills (clearly defined list of fundamental design skills TBD).
6. Given a real-world situation in the field of graphic design, determine the social, cultural, and technological issues that would have bearing on design solutions.