Advance Honors Registration
       MARCH 18 – JULY 24

Honors Program
City park campus
Bldg. 1, 120 East--Arts & Humanities
The mission of the Delgado Honors Program is to enhance the academic experiences of selected students who seek a cultural and intellectual challenge. As a motivated community of scholars, these students are given opportunities beyond the traditional classroom to develop their potential through college and community service projects, conferences, seminars, and leadership activities that complement their academic coursework. Additionally, the program promotes creative teaching and innovative course development, not only within the Honors curriculum, but across the disciplines as well. Finally, Honors students are offered greater flexibility in course choices through individualized advising and counseling, enabling them to better plan their future educational careers. Graduating as a member of the Honors Program opens doors for and offers a competitive edge to those students entering either four year colleges or their chosen profession.

                Brett Heintz, M.S.
                Honors Director


Honors Students in Athens