The Hibernia Enrichment Center

Lab Coordinator:  Crystal Andrews
Location:                CP 01, Room 108 West
Phone:                    483-4901 


The Hibernia Enrichment Center prepares adults to enter college degree and job-training programs at Delgado Community College. The center focuses on entry-level skills for college and the workforce. Courses include basic reading, math, and writing skills, pre-employment competencies, and reading and writing in the workplace.

The center is spacious class/lab setting open to all students enrolled at Delgado. It provides students with study space, access to Microsoft Office and the Internet, computer assisted instruction, and tutoring.

RESOURCES include:

  • 27 Gateway Computers with Microsoft Office and Internet access


  • Self-directed computer-based programs on PLATO Pathways software that range from basic skills to advanced studies in English, Reading, Math, and Science to Life and Job Skills to Resume Writing


  • Multi-media Study Skills computer program that helps students to assess their learning style, to take notes effectively, to improve their listening skills, to handle test anxiety, and to retain information better


  • Study space in a peaceful atmosphere with a selection of reference books