Evening & Weekend Division

 The pursuit of a higher education should be accessible to everyone who desires a college degree. In our ever changing world there must be alternatives to a traditional educational experience.  Students’ lives are changing and evolving as rapidly as the world; flexibility and availability of options are key factors for the completion of college degrees.

The Evening and Weekend Division offers high quality instruction that is designed to accommodate the hectic schedules and commitments of working adults by providing convenient courses that allow adult learners to attend college while continuing to work and care for their family.  

Evening and Weekend Division classes are on-campus credit courses offered at times that are especially convenient for part-time and nontraditional students.  Most classes meet just once or twice a week, either on a weekday evening or on Saturday morning.  Tuition for Evening and Weekend classes is the same as for other on-campus courses.

Each semester, many different courses are offered through the Evening and Weekend Division. Most courses offered during the day are also available in the evening or on the weekend.  Although the scheduling may be different, the courses cover the same material and students receive the same excellent instruction as do students who attend during the daytime. Instructors are selected from the full-time college faculty, and from the part-time faculty which includes outstanding area educators and other professional specialists.  Whether you’re working toward a degree, enhancing your career development, or taking a course just for fun, you’re bound to find something to fit your schedule. 


Mission Statement

The mission of the Evening & Weekend Division is to promote the mission of Delgado Community College by providing an environment during the evening and weekends where working adults may pursue a degree, certification, or complete individual courses that will enhance their skills and knowledge as part of a lifelong learning process.



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