Following are descriptions of courses offered by Delgado Community College. Courses are grouped under academic areas or programs, which are alphabetized. Each course title is preceded by a four-letter prefix and the course number. The three numbers on the right indicate lecture hours per week, lab hours per week, and total credit hours, as shown below.

Some courses have prerequisites or corequisites listed. A prerequisite must be taken prior to entering a course; a corequisite must be taken prior to, or concurrently with, the course. In individual cases, prerequisites or corequisites may be waived upon recommendation of the instructor and approval of the divisional chair.



Only courses numbered 100 and above may be used to fulfill requirements for a degree. For a list of suggested courses in specific programs of study, refer to the appropriate program in the Programs of Study section, which begins on page 115. Consult the Index on page 287 for page referrals to course descriptions in specific academic areas.



Learning activities in a group, including formal presentation.



Individual (or small teams) learning activities focusing on student investigations.



Students engaged in supervised practical experience at work sites. Instructor visits worksite periodically.



Students carry the major responsibility for preparation of classroom activity.

PRL - Private Lesson

Used for Music courses.

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SEM - Seminar


LLB - Combined Lecture and Lab

PRA - Practicum


LAB - Lab



LEC - Lecture