Business Support Services

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Participating business owners will receive access to a suite of business support services that will help them to develop and implement their business Growth Plans and classroom learnings. These services include:

Business Assessments At the start of the program, business advisors will work with business owners to assess growth opportunities, identify competitive threats, and establish key milestones to achieve growth objectives. These assessments will guide participants in creating marketing plans, realigning organizational structure, hiring staff, improving accounting and finance systems, and leveraging technology to improve day-to-day operations.

Business Support Services Participants will be assigned a business advisor to help coach them through the development and implementation of their business Growth Plans. Participants will interact with their business advisors at least 5-6 times over the course of the program. The business advisors also will introduce participants to resources in the local community that can help them expand their access to business assistance. In addition, those participants who would benefit from analytical support will have an opportunity to engage the program’s advisors to help jump-start implementation of a particular aspect of their Growth Plans.  

Professional Services Reviews.  Professional services reviews assist businesses in legal, tax, and accounting matters and help business owners address the following types of questions: Is my business a properly formed legal entity? Does my business have the proper procedures in place to comply with relevant laws and regulations? Have I established effective/efficient financial and managerial accounting systems?

Business Advice.  Support will be available to provide coaching in specific areas, such as in leadership or strategic planning and to help business owners troubleshoot road blocks, share best practices, frame effective strategy, and drive sustainable growth.  

Networking Opportunities.  Business opportunities are often identified through relationships with other business people, especially when a business has a wide range of contacts upon which it can draw. Therefore the program will provide forums for participants to network with each other and with other leaders and groups in the community that can help participants make the connections they need to more effectively pursue business growth.


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