5-Day STCW Basic Safety Training

6 U.S. Coast Guard Approved
6 Defines basic training requirements for maritime employees to work and
   stand watch aboard certain maritime vessels that fall under the requirements
   prescribed in Regulation VI/I, and Section A-VI/I of STCW 95.   
6 Includes the following 4 training modules:

                              6            Personal Safety / Social Responsibilities (4 hr)
              -         Precautions to prevent pollution in the marine environment 
-         Understanding orders in relation to shipboard duties
              -         Contributing to effective human relationships on board vessels


  6            First Aid/CPR (8 hr)
              -         Assessment of casualties and threats to own safety
              -         Body structure and functions
              -         Positioning of casualty
              -         Unconscious casualties and resuscitation
              -         Bleeding and wounds
              -         Management of shock
              -         Burns and scalds
              -         Rescue and transport casualties
              -         Bandages and use of first aid emergency kit

  6            Water Survival (12 hr)
              -         Survival at sea in the event of ship abandonment
              -         Types of emergency situations
              -         Emergency preparedness
              -         Evaluation procedures
              -         Use of equipment in survival crafts and rescue boats 
              -         Principles of survival at sea
              -         Emergency radio equipment
              -         Water escape techniques
              -         Survival action once on the surface

  6           Basic Fire Fighting (16 hr)
              - Shipboard fire fighting procedures and organization
              - Theory of fire types
              -  Sources of ignition fire hazards
              - Spread of fire
              - Classification of fire and applicable extinguishing systems
              - Fire detection and alarm system
              - Use of protective equipment (SCBA)
              -  Exercises in extinguishing fires



6 Modules may be scheduled independently