Watch Delgado Community College Grow

Here you will be given the opportunity to stay up-to-date with current and future projects going on at all of our locations.


Library Replacement


Workforce Building 36

New Annex Building-Learning Resource Center


Renovations to Building 2 Labs/Offices-SRC Building

 Construction Area around Building 2


 New Maintenance and Facilities Building

Auditorium Renovations


Auditorium Rendering


Faculty Offices, Isaac Delgado Hall Building 1


Boiler Replacement

New Sidney Collier Building


LaRocca Hall Renovations 3rd Floor

Chapel Renovation

Auditorium Lighting/Ceiling

New Maritime Fire School Building

New Nursing/Allied Training Charity School of Nursing

Training Center Transportation Maritime, Engineering

Center for Hospitality and Culinary-City Park Campus

Advanced Technology Center Westbank Campus

Advance Workforce Training Blair Campus

Advanced Manufacturing Center Avondale

Sidewalk Repairs for City Park Campus


Delgado Community College Exterior Lighting

Interior Floor and Wall Repairs Isaac Delgado Hall Building 1


Repair and Replace heating Systems, Piping, Boilers, and Associated HVAC Equipment Campus Wide at City Park

Repair, Install, and Replace Exterior Parking Lot, Sidewalk, Building, and Walkway Lighting and Electrical Distribution Systems for City Park and Westbank Campuses