Safety, Risk, and Compliance


The Delgado Community College Office of Safety, Risk and Compliance serves to collaborate with the campus community, identify and assess risk, increase safety, and decrease potential loss while advancing the mission of the College.  This is accomplished by

  • Understanding the safety needs and priorities of the College community.

  • Developing materials and resources to provide guidance to the College community.

  • Providing education through training and assessments.

  • Assisting the campus community with regulatory compliance by identifying opportunities to improve the safety of the campus community.

Contact Us:

Leiza McKenna, Safety, Risk and Compliance Manager

615 City Park Avenue

New Orleans, LA  70119

(504) 762-3054


              Safety Policies

Policies related to public safety, protection of resources, and risk management.


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Internal/Departmental Policies & Procedures
Safety Forms
College-wide Emergency Plans
College-wide Emergency Procedures
Hurricane Emergency College-wide Plan

Employee Safety Responsibilities
Employee Safety Rules
Safety Meeting Requirements
Driver Safety (Defensive Driving) Training
Delgado Authorized Driver Safety Program

Preventing Workplace Harassment Training
Lockout/Tagout Training
Hazard Communication Training
Material Safety Data Sheets Training
OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Training
OSHA Personal Protective Equipment Training
State of Louisiana Ethics Training

•    SF-1331.1E     Parking and Driving Regulations
•    SF-1352.1F     Management and Control of State Property
                         --- Property Management and Control Procedures
•    SF-1370.1A    Access Control Procedures
•    SF-1370.2       Comprehensive Safety Program
•    SF-1370.3D    Emergency Planning, Response and Recovery
•    SF-1373.1C    Work Environment Safety Program 
                        ---  Accident Reporting Route
•    SF-1373.3A    Control of Hazardous Materials
•    SF-1373.6       Bloodborne Pathogens: Exposure 
                                       Control Plan (ECP)

•    SF-1373.7      Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) Program
•    SF-1382.1A   Driver Safety Program
•    SF-1733.1A   Violence in the Workplace
                       --- Violent Incident Reporting Route
•    SF-2530.1A    Drug-Free College

Related Policies

 •   AA-2610.1   Emergency Care for Injured Allied Health and Nursing Practicum Students
 •   Classroom Disruption Procedures (as published in Student Judicial Code policy)
 •   Student Threat Assessment Procedures (as published in Student Judicial Code policy)

 Related LCTCS Policy 

•    LCTCS Policy 6.030     Drug Free Workplace



            Safety Training 

Delgado's Safety Program Training for Employees:

•   Employee Safety Responsibilities
•   Employee Safety Rules
•   Safety Meeting Requirements
•   Driver Safety (Devensive Driving) Training
•   Delgado Authorized Driver Safety Program
•   Preventing Workplace Harassment Training
•   Lockout/Tagout Training
•   Hazard Communication Training
•   Material Safety Data Sheets Training
•   OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Training
•   OSHA Personal Protective Equipment Training
•   State of Louisiana Ethics Training



          Safety Forms Click Here

   •    Access Card Request Form
   •    Accident/Incident (Employees) Post Analysis Reporting Form
   •    Accident/Incident (Visitors/Clients) Post Analysis Reporting Form
   •    Accident Report - Louisiana State Driver Safety Program Form DA 2041
   •    Comprehensive Safety Program Requirements for All Employees
   •    Driver Authorization and Driving History Form
   •    Hazard Control Log
   •    Safety Meeting Form
   •    Sample Safety Inspection Checklist