Recruitment Events

The events provided by the Recruitment and Outreach Department will provide you information about Delgado, funding your education, how to access college, and more.  These include events like Discover Delgado Day, Community College Week, Chew & Chat with Delgado, Family Nights, and Preview Days.

Schedule of Events



Adult Leaner workshops

Monday, July 13 at 5pm 
Career Exploration and Pathways
Meet with counselors to get 1-1 guidance in choosing a major that fits your career path or finding the career path that is right for you

Tuesday, July 14 at 1pm
Funding Your Education:
Find out all of your options to fund your college education

Tuesday, July 14 at 5pm
Let's Go To Work:
A presentation from Workforce Development about your options for getting back into the workforce quickly and affordably

Wednesday, July 15 at 5pm
Delgado Support Systems:
Learn about all of the free support systems that Delgado has to offer from your first day to graduation

Thursday, July 16 at 1pm
ESL Workshop:
Learn all about the ESL programs offered through our Adult Ed Department and the Communication Division

Thursday, July 16 at 5pm
Enrollment Assistance:
Get assistance from our Financial Aid, Admissions, and Recruitment Departments to enroll into an undergrad program or from our Adult Ed and Workforce Development staff to enroll in their programs.

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Chew & Chat with Delgado:

Delgado 101: Everything You Wanted to Know About Our Allied Health Programs

Tuesday, July 7 at 1pm



Access our archived Chew & Chat with Delgado episodes