Clock Hour Calculation


Measuring attendance in clock hours

Financial Aid, for students enrolled in the Cosmetology program, is based on clock hours rather than credit hours due to federal laws regarding board reporting. Students must earn clock hours in the following increments in order to receive financial aid.

A student’s period of attendance is measured according to one of several commonly accepted academic standards. A clock hour is based on an actual hour of attendance. Credit hours are typically based on two hours of homework for each hour of class attendance. A school is not permitted to count more than one clock hour per 60-minute period; in other words, a school may not schedule several hours of instruction without breaks and then count clock hours in 50-minute increments.  For instance, a school could not consider seven consecutive hours of instruction to be 8.4 hours by dividing 50 minutes into 420 minutes. Seven 60-minute periods of instruction may not count for more than seven clock hours.


Clock/credit-hour Conversions

34 CFR 668.8(k) & (l)

See the Program Integrity Q&As at


For a semester hour program,

Number of clock hours in the credit-hour program (is divided by)


This formula will be used to convert the credit hours to determine the amount of Federal Student Aid (FSA) a student is eligible to receive.


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