Test Proctoring Services

The Office of Disability Services, in conjunction with the Testing Division of The Office of Advising and Testing on the City Park Campus and the Special Needs Counselor on the West Bank Campus, offers test proctoring services when faculty are unable to arrange accommodations for students whose disabilities impede their ability to test in the classroom. Staff members of the Testing Division or the Special Needs Counselor will assist students with testing accommodations based on their need. The Request for Special Testing Accommodations for Students with Documented Disabilities Form will be included in the letter of accommodations to faculty. 

The Request Form and the test should be in a sealed envelope. The student’s name, instructor’s name, course prefix/section number and office locations should be on the front of the envelope. Also, faculty should indicate on the form the delivery and test return arrangement.  Faculty may also choose to email the Request Form and the test to the confidential email address listed on the form. The Testing Division of the Office of Advising and Testing is located in Building 2 Room 302 on the City Park Campus and in Building 2 Room 103 on the West Bank Campus.

Disability Services Testing Center Guidelines and Procedures

  1. The student must make an appointment at least 24 hours prior to their test date with The Testing Center. It is the student’s responsibility to notify their instructor of the appointment day and time. A reminder will be sent to the instructor from the Testing Center at least the day before the scheduled test time. Please note that instructors must send the student’s test no later than 1 hour prior to the appointment time. (Deliver by email to cityparktesting@dcc.edu or in person delivery).
  2. Student I.D’s will be checked upon arrival.
  3. Please indicate on the accommodations form how much time your student is allotted for his/her test (time + a half).
  4. Students are NOT allowed to bring their cell phone into the testing area (please note that a cell phone is not allowed to be used as a calculator).
  5. Students must leave all personal belongings (backpacks, bags, purses, electronic devices and books) in an assigned locker, unless the instructor informs the Testing Center that books and/or notes are allowed.
  6. Students can take a break, but, they CANNOT leave the testing area with a test.
  7. The student must arrive at their scheduled appointment time.  If a student shows up more than 20 minutes late, they will NOT be allowed to take their test, the instructor will be notified and the student will need to make a new appointment, if allowed by their instructor.
  8. Students must study prior to the scheduled test time. Coming to the Testing Center to study before a scheduled test will no longer be allowed.
  9. Cheating will NOT be tolerated.  The student must choose to test in The Testing Center or in the classroom.  Testing in both is considered cheating. If a student is caught cheating, their test will be taken away and the instructor will immediately be notified.
  10. Only the instructor, a Testing Center Specialist or another DCC Testing Center employee can administer a student’s test. 
  11. Student PCA’s (Patient Care Assistant’s) are not allowed to bring anything that could potentially compromise test security inside of the testing labs (cell phones, bags and purses). Lockers will be assigned to the PCA and they will also sign a confidentiality forms that will be kept on file. PCA’s are allowed to remain with the student at all times, but are NOT allowed to see the test or act as reader/scribe.
  12. Tests will no longer be delivered back.  Instructors must pick up their test from the Testing Center or the test can be sent back to instructors through e-mail.



Accommodated Testing Hours - City Park Campus & West Bank Campus

(See Testing Center for Testing Hours for Other Campuses/Sites)

During finals week, Testing Center hours will remain the same. Please note these hours are subject to change at any time.

Fall and Spring Testing Hours                                                                                  

8:30am- 1:00pm         Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday                              

10:00am -3:00pm       Tuesday                                                                                  


Summer Testing Hours

8:30am -3:00pm         Monday- Thursday

CLOSED                    Friday


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