How do I apply for the GI Bill?
The first step is to complete the application VA Form 22-1990 or VA Form 22-5490. This form is available online or through your VA counselor. Once completed, submit this form to the VA regional office via fax, mail or electronically. Some supporting forms may be required to complete the application. (e.g. DD-214, N.O.B.E., proof of $600 kicker). Once you have submitted your application, you will receive correspondence from the VA about your approval or rejection as well as entitlement details.
What do I need to do to get my benefits started?
Students need to contact the Delgado Community College Office of Veterans Affairs in person or telephone to request processing of enrollment certifications. By contacting the VA Counselor each semester, students will provide our office with current information regarding addresses, degree objectives, etc. 
I just transferred from another school. What do I need to do to get my benefits?
You will need to complete a request for certification as well as a VA-22-1995 or VA-22-5495 depending on your VA chapter type. Also, a recent award letter would be helpful, but is not required. This form can be found here or at the VA Counselor's office.
What do I do after I apply for the GI Bill?
Please bring a copy of the application (VA Form 22-1990 or VA Form 22-5490) or letter of acceptance to the VA counselor for file purposes. Once you have your finalized class schedule, fill out a request for certification and return it to the VA counselor. Please make a partial or full payment toward your classes before turning in your request for certification. The Office of Veterans Affairs WILL NOT be responsible for holding your classes.
Is there a form that I need to fill out each semester?
Yes. Each semester you will need to complete and sign a request for certification and return it to the VA counselor’s office. This form is used to submit a VA-22-1999 form.
Do I need to call the VA each month?
If you are a veteran planning on receiving chapter 30, 1606 or 1607 benefits, please call 1-877-823-2378 or go online to here verify your attendance each month. This verification can be completed as early as the last calendar day of each month.
What happens when a student withdraws from a course or resigns?
The VA will reduce the student’s rate of pay if this withdrawal changes the student’s enrollment status. If the withdrawal occurs during the drop/add period, as defined by the VA, an adjustment is made on the rate of pay. If the withdrawal occurs after the drop/add period, the reduction may create an overpayment, unless there are mitigating circumstances. 
When will I get paid?
Normally, your payments will come at the end of the month; however, in some cases, this may be delayed due to processing. Also, if you are applying for the first time, it can take a few weeks for the VA to process your application. You will receive payments for the full semester; however, it just may be delayed.
Can I get my payments accelerated?
At this time Delgado Community College has not adopted the accelerated payment option.
What courses will the VA pay for?
The VA will not pay for courses that are not required in the student’s degree plan. If students wish to take courses that are not required, we will certify only the required courses. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the courses apply toward their degrees.
Does the VA pay for repeated courses?
The VA will pay for repeated courses as long as they are required and the grades previously earned do not meet degree requirements. Enrolling again in a course from which a student withdrew is not considered a repeated course.
Does the VA pay for remedial courses?
The VA will pay for a remedial course if the student has a deficiency in the subject. The VA will not pay for refresher courses.
What do I do if I change my major?
Please contact your VA Counselor, as this may cause your enrollment certification to change.
Can I have a double major or a minor?
No. The VA will only pay for one major and does not pay for a minor. If you wish to do this, you will be responsible for the classes.
Can I change my major in the middle of the semester?
Yes. The change will not take effect until the next semester. Once you certify your classes for the semester, this is your major for the semester.
I am taking a class for another major or for fun. Will the GI Bill pay for it?
No. The VA will only pay for classes that count towards your degree. If a class is not on your degree plan, it will not be certified. Prerequisites and developmental courses will also be accepted.
How much will I get paid?
This differs depending on what chapter of VA benefits you are receiving and how many hours you are taking. The GI bill will pay different rates for full time, ¾ time, ½ time or less than ½ time. Also, these rates get adjusted from time to time. The updated rates are available online here.
What is considered full time, ¾ time, ½ time or ¼ time?                                
Full Time = 12+ hours                                    
¾ Time = 9-11 hours                                                  
½ Time = 6-8 hours                                                    
Less than ½ time = 4-5 hours
Less than ¼ time = 1-3 hours
This scale differs during the summer semester.
What should I do if I am a general studies major?
If you are a general studies major, it is recommended that you take your first 30 hours fulfilling general educational requirements. e.g. fine arts, humanities, natural sciences and natural sciences. After 30 hours you will need to be advised by a counselor and set up a degree plan that should be signed by the appropriate department figures. In short, you should not just say you are a general studies major and take any classes you would like.
I don’t have enough classes required for my major to make me full time. What do I do?
The VA will only pay for courses that count towards your degree plan. Just because you have 12 hours does not mean that those 12 hours will all certify. If 9 hours count towards your degree, 9 hours will be certified.
What will happen if I drop a class?
If you drop a class, please contact the VA counselor. This will need to be reported to the Department Veterans Affairs, and they will contact you concerning the change.
Does the GI Bill make a payment for my tuition and fees?
NO. You are expected to make payments. You will receive your payments from the GI Bill upon certification, but you are responsible for the payments to the school. There are some state programs that may be different, but the GI Bill does not make payments to the school.
Will the VA counselor write me a letter to get a fee payment deferred?
NO. You are responsible for making payments to the school. If your paperwork is submitted in a timely manor, your GI Bill payment should come at the end of each month. However, it is not the responsibility of the VA counselor to hold your classes or to get you a deferment.
Financial aid is asking for proof that I received the GI Bill. What do I do?
Call 1-888-GIBILL1 (1-888-442-4551). They will be able to send the required form to you. The VA counselor does not write these letters.
I’m in the National Guard. How do I get my tuition exemption?
Tuition exemption is NOT a GI bill program. This is a state program for the Louisiana National Guard. To use this benefit you must contact your unit and notify them to send the proper paperwork to the Delgado Community College Bursar's Office. The VA counselor does NOT handle this program
I’m the dependant of a veteran. What do I need to do to get tuition exemption?
This is NOT a GI bill benefit. Instead, this is a Louisiana Department of Veteran Affairs program that entitles some dependents of disabled or deceased veterans to receive tuition and fee exemption. For more information on this program, contact the Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs.

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