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The Delgado Community College Campus Police Department offers escorts to student’s staff, faculty and visitors. Contact Campus Police to request an escort at (504) 671-6112.


Delgado Community College is committed to providing a safe environment for students, employees, visitors, and persons using College facilities. A comprehensive safety program has been established to address the various threats to the safety of the College’s constituents. The College works in cooperation with appropriate federal, state and external agencies – in particular the State of Louisiana Office of Risk Management, which is responsible for coordination, implementation and maintenance of safety and loss prevention programs within all State agencies. Furthermore, Delgado strives for adherence to and compliance with all safety-related laws and regulations. Comprehensive Program: A College-wide Structure Delgado’s commitment to a college-wide safety program is demonstrated by the adherence to a comprehensive structure for administering the program. This structure begins with the Chancellor designating a Risk and Safety Manager, who coordinates all components of the program. The College Risk and Safety Manager chairs a collegewide Safety Council, composed of appropriate college-wide and campus/site specific representatives involved in the safety program and deemed by the Chancellor. The function of the Safety Council is to address all components of the college-wide safety program and make policy and procedural recommendations for improvements on an ongoing basis.

Campus/Site Implementation

The program’s College-wide structure is extended to and managed across all campuses and sites by each Campus Executive Dean/ Site Administrator, who is responsible for working with the College Risk and Safety Manager and overseeing a comprehensive safety program on his/her campus or site. To accomplish this, each year a Campus/Site Safety Committee is established to ensure input on safety and loss prevention from all operational units of the College. These committees are chaired by the Campus Executive Dean/ Site Administrator or his/her designated representative. The Campus Executive Dean/ Site Administrator or his/her designated representative shall also serve as the Campus/Site Safety Program Coordinator. Committee membership includes Division Deans or designees, as deemed appropriate by the Executive Dean/ Site Administrator; representatives from Campus Police, Maintenance, and Central Utilities, if applicable; the campus/site SGA President; and others recommended by the Campus Executive Dean/ Site Administrator.

Components of the Safety Program

As the safety of College’s constituents is affected by various components associated with potential threats, specific components of the College’s comprehensive safety program have been identified through associated external regulations. The College is diligent in working toward maintaining full compliance and adherence to all related laws and regulations. Each specific component of the Comprehensive Safety Program follows the structure set forth above in administering each of the respective component programs. The following includes the components of the comprehensive safety program and respective policy and procedures for full implementation.


Here are some suggestions to keep you safe while on campus at Delgado:

If you are confronted by an armed robber:

If you live in a residence hall or apartment, remember:

Protecting yourself against sexual assault:

Protecting yourself against stalking:

Protect yourself from Date Rape Drugs:

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