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Tips and hints to securing your textbooks:
  • Click to locate your textbooks in advance
  • Use the ISBN numbers to comparison shop
  • Try online or electronic versions of books
  • Make a plan on how to pay for books
    • Delgado offers a Bookstore Voucher for a limited time for those students who have money left over after they use financial aid to secure classes. Information below.

Who can expect a Bookstore Voucher?

A bookstore voucher is available to students who:
*have completed their financial aid process by Priority Deadlines
*have a credit balance (negative balance)
*have approved the Authorization needed to pay Non-Institutional Charges (check LoLA)

What is a Bookstore Voucher?

It is a portion of your financial aid refund available to you through the Delgado Bookstore. The credit does not exceed $900. Amount spent will be deducted from your refund.

How can I check to see if I'm eligible for a Bookstore Voucher?

Step 1: Log into LoLA and check Bookstore Voucher, to see if you have a credit balance (negative balance) under your Account Detail for Term.

Step 2: Log into LoLA and check Eligibility and make sure you Approved the "Authorization needed to pay Non-Institutional Charges"

When can I expect my Bookstore Voucher?

After you receive the credit balance on your account summary, you can access your bookstore credit to purchase textbooks at the Delgado Bookstore for a limited amount of time at the beginning of each semester. Please check the handbook for exact dates.

What do I need to access the Bookstore Voucher?

After you check your bookstore credit through LoLA, you can either order your books online or visit the City Park or West Bank bookstore to make your purchases. If you choose to visit the bookstore in person PLEASE make sure you have:


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