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Delgado Community College is an approved testing center for College Board’s College Level Examination Program (CLEP).  CLEP offers you the opportunity to receive college credit for what you already know by earning qualifying scores on various exams.  The Office of Advising & Testing administers CLEP exams on an internet-based testing platform, a paper and pencil option is not available.

Who earns college credit through CLEP?

What subjects are covered on the test?

There are 33 CLEP exams covering material from across five different subject areas.  For a full list of available CLEP Exams please click here.

What Delgado locations offer this test?

CLEP exams are only offered on the City Park Campus.

What’s the cost of the test?

When students register with College Board to take a CLEP exam they will be charged an $80 fee.  Additionally, non-Delgado students will be charged a $20 non-refundable proctoring fee on the exam administration date.  Registered Delgado students will not be charged the proctoring fee but will be charged $5 per credit hour to have CLEP credit added to their official transcripts.   

Are there study/preparation materials?

Yes! Please click here and here for test preparation and study resources respectively.

What courses can I earn credit for at Delgado Community College through CLEP and what scores do I need?

The awarding of CLEP credit is covered under the Credit for Prior Learning (Non-Traditional Credit) section of the College Catalog.  Please read this section carefully for a full explanation of the school’s policy and limitations on the awarding of non-traditional credit.  If you are getting CLEP transcripts sent to Delgado the college code is 6176.  Below are the 26 CLEP exams that Delgado will accept for college credit and the courses they equate to.

Title of CLEP Exam:   Delgado Course: CLEP Score for Credit:   
Principles of Accounting  ACCT 201 50
Biology BIOL 141 50
Chemistry CHEM 141 50
Info. System and Computer Applications CMIN 201 50
Principles of Macroeconomics ECON 201 50
Principles of Microeconomics  ECON 202 50
Freshman College Composition* ENGL 101 50
Analysis and Interpretation of Literature* ENGL 205 or 206 50
American Literature* ENGL 211 or 212 50
English Literature* ENGL 221 or 222 50
French Language FREN 101 50
Western Civilization I  HIST 101 50
Western Civilization II HIST 102 50
History of the United States I HIST 205 50
History of the United States II HIST 206 50
College Mathematics MATH 120 50
College Algebra MATH 128 or 130** 50
Trigonometry MATH 129 or 131**   50
Calculus MATH 221 50
Principles of Marketing MARK 201 50
Principles of Management MANG 201 50
American Government POLI 180 50
Intro to Psychology PSYC 127 50
Intro to Educational Psychology PSYC 235 50
Intro to Sociology SOCI 151 50
Spanish Language SPAN 101 50

Delgado Community College requires a minimum score of 50 to receive credit for any CLEP exam.

* These exams, in addition to the standard computerized portion, require essays to be written for credit.

** Check with the department head or dean to verify which course credit will be granted for this exam.

What happens after I test?

You will receive an immediate score report for CLEP exams, except for exams with essays.  Delgado Community College requires an essay for the English Composition exam and all Literature exams.  You will receive your score for the multiple-choice section of the exam, but you will not receive scores for your essay until it has been scored by Delgado faculty.

If you are intending to use the exam for credit at Delgado Community College, please follow the school’s Policies and Procedures regarding CLEP.

How do I sign up for the CLEP exam?

Start the process by visiting the College Board CLEP website:

CLEP website link

Contact Us:

City Park Campus
Building 2, Room 302

Please do not bring any food, drink, cell phones, purses, wristlets or bags into the Testing Center. The only thing you are required to have on test day is your state and/or government issued photo ID.

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