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The Office of Advising & Testing administers Placement Verification Exams for students who feel that their ACCUPLACER placement test scores do not accurately reflect their abilities.  Placement Verification Exams may only be taken once.  Students cannot be placed into a lower level class through the verification process.

Who needs this test?

Placement Verification Exams are an option for students who:

Students who have previously enrolled in a course in the subject area that they wish to verify, whether they completed the course or not, are not eligible for the Placement Verification Exam. 

What subjects are covered on the test?

Although Placement Verification Exams are different than the original placement test, the same basic subjects are covered: English, Reading, and Math.  Students may take any one or all three of the sections.  There is also an optional Biology Bypass Exam that if passed will allow students to bypass the General Biology Pre-requisite (BIOL 141 & 143) for upper level Biology courses.

What Delgado locations offer this test?

The Placement test is offered at the City Park and West Bank Campuses as well as the Sidney Collier Learning Site.

What’s the cost of the test?

There is a $10 non-refundable fee for each exam subject.  It is advised that students arrive early on exam day to manage the fee payment process.  Students will have their testing fee assessed in the Testing Center the day of the exam.  Students will then have to pay the fee in the Bursar’s Office and bring the paid receipt back to the Testing Center prior to taking the exam.

What scores do I need to place into Delgado college level classes?

How do I check available dates and sign up for Verification Exams?

Students interested in Placement Verification Exams should contact their home campus.  Some will require students to register in person while others will refer students online for registration.

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What happens after I test?

Students who are taking the Placement Verification Exam in Math or Reading or who are taking the Biology Bypass Exam will be given their results upon completion of the exam.  Scores will be entered into the schools registration system immediately should a change in course placement be warranted based on exam results.  For students taking the English Placement Verification Exam, results will take 7-10 days to fully process.      

Contact Us:

City Park Campus
Building 2, Room 302

West Bank Campus
LaRocca Hall, Room 303

Sidney Collier Site
Building 3, Room 117A

Admissions applications must be submitted prior to testing.

Please do not bring any food, drink, cell phones, purses, wristlets or bags into the Testing Center. The only thing you are required to have on test day is a photo ID.

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