Traffic and Transportation Club of Greater New Orleans Prepares for Second Annual Logistics Career Fair at Delgado

April 02, 2019

The Traffic and Transportation Club of Greater New Orleans (TTCGNO), in collaboration with KIPP New Orleans Schools and the Delgado Maritime and Industrial Training Center, will hold the organization’s second logistics-focused career fair for 10-12th graders from KIPP Renaissance High School on April 9, 2019 at the Delgado Maritime and Industrial Training Center.

This joint partnership with industry and education will introduce student participants to careers in logistics. Beginning with the career fair, this learning experience will expand into internships for up to 15 career fair participants with local logistics education programs and employers.

On April 9, students will be greeted by Delgado officials and Councilwoman Cyndi Nguyen of New Orleans City Council District E. While last year’s career fair allowed students to briefly visit with companies and educational institutes, this year’s fair will be hands-on training led by Delgado educators.

Students will explore operating a simulated barge and working as deckhands. They will also receive introductory training in firefighting, search and rescue and CPR. Lunch will be prepared onsite for the students courtesy of TTCGNO’s partner, American Maritime Services. At the end of the day each student will receive a certificate of completion from Delgado and TTCGNO.

The Logistics Career Fair and Summer Learning Program emphasizes the Club’s goal of promoting educational programs and encouraging the discussion of transportation and logistics. This starts with introducing young people to careers in transportation and logistics that exist locally, nationally and globally.

The Traffic and Transportation Club of Greater New Orleans was established in 1924 and has been a supporter of the local transportation industry ever since. The Club’s objectives are to cultivate closer relations between those directly interested in freight and passenger transportation; to promote education programs and to encourage the study and discussion of transportation subjects and interchange of thoughts ideas thereon between members; to inspire those in traffic work to the importance and dignity of their profession; and to lend support, if consistent, to all organizations engaged in the promotion of international and domestic trade.

The Maritime and Industrial Training Center at Delgado Community College in New Orleans has earned a national and international reputation for providing high-quality maritime and industrial firefighting, radar, safety and U.S. Coast Guard-approved training including full mission bridge simulator courses. For over two decades, Delgado’s experienced instructors have helped provide training to licensed mariners and industry personnel in the maritime, oil and gas, and safety/homeland security fields, among others. Courses are tailored to meet the specific needs of industrial clients. Information about the services provided by the Delgado Maritime and Industrial Training Center is available online. For further information call (504) 671-6620.