Introduction to Distance Learning at Delgado Community College!


Distance learning allows Delgado Community College to bring educational opportunities directly to you, no matter where you are. This type of learning is especially beneficial to students who live far from campus, have busy work schedules, family demands, and other commitments. Online and hybrid courses are an excellent option for students who prefer to do all or most of their work independently.

How Do Online and Hybrid Courses Work?

Students taking Online/Hybrid courses will utilize Delgado’s Blackboard Platform. Online/Hybrid courses are taught using a combination of instructional technologies which will vary for each course.

Online Courses

Online courses (distance education) are delivered through Blackboard, a course management system that allows students 24/7 access to course content. Students can enjoy a high level of collaboration, in a content rich learning environment, that offers a robust individual and group learning experience. 

An online course at Delgado Community College is identified by the course identification number and letter. Example: Hist 101 - W01, the W denotes this is an Online section offering for the course.  

Hybrid Courses

Hybrid courses (blended learning) combine both online and classroom environments, and require students to participate online and attend in-person classes on a regular basis. Students must complete both in class and online assessments to succeed in a hybrid course.

A Hybrid course at Delgado Community College is identified by the course identification number and the letter. Example: Hist 101 - 1HA, the H denotes this is a Hybrid section offering for the course. 

Succeeding in Online and Hybrid Courses

Successful online/hybrid students are typically self-motivated, active participants who are able to manage their study environments. Online/hybrid courses still have due dates. Timelines to work on the material will depend on the course, requiring one to adjust study habits and preparation time to meet these deadlines. Some courses will require regular participation. 

Class attendance is an obligation as well as a privilege. All students are expected to attend (or interact online, if applicable) regularly and punctually all classes in which they are enrolled. Failure to do so may lead to being dropped from the course or a failing grade. Faculty members are required to state and to explain in the course’s syllabus their expectations concerning class attendance (or online participation, if applicable) and absences.