Introduction to Online Learning at Delgado Community College!


Online learning allows Delgado Community College to bring educational opportunities directly to you, no matter where you are. This type of learning is especially beneficial to students who live far from campus, have busy work schedules, family demands, and other commitments. Online courses are also an excellent option for students who prefer to work independently and at any time of day.


How Do Online Courses Work?

Students taking online courses will utilize Delgado’s Blackboard E-Learning Platform. Online courses are taught using a combination of instructional technologies which will vary for each course: PowerPoint presentations, Tegrity lectures, video tutorials, learning activities on the Web, discussion board, and research using the Library or the Web are an example of various types of instructional methods.


Online and Hybrid Courses

Delgado offers both hybrid and fully online courses, students enrolled in online and hybrid courses will need to consult their course syllabus for specific information about the course. It will be your responsibility to be informed about orientation sessions, additional software requirements, assignment/test information, etc.

A hybrid course meets in a classroom for a third or half the time with teacher instruction during those sessions. Another 6-8 hours minimum will take place outside of the classroom. In the classroom setting students have face-to-face access to their instructors to clarify assignments and etc. Total hours spent per week: 10 minimum.

Distance education or online learning encompasses a large range of teaching systems from teachers without having to travel to meet in a classroom environment. In an online environment the student is responsible for self motivation as instruction is often at a minimum.  It is often heavily driven by reading and writing to reflect comprehension and analysis.  It is on average that 10-12 hours would need to be dedicated a week per online course.