Operation Clear Goggles

Drug & Alcohol Prevention Program

Delgado Community College values its students, faculty/staff members and recognizes their need for a safe and healthy campus environment.   In an effort to create the best possible outcomes in terms of safety, productivity, and overall satisfaction, the College is committed to establishing a  drug/alcohol FREE  environment that prohibits usage  and offers assistance to those in need.   In accordance with the College’s Drug-Free College/ Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act statement, Delgado has adopted Operation CLEARgoggles and acknowledges the consequences associated with high risk behavior  and remains committed to breaking that outdated “BEER” Goggle mentality that many students associate with alcohol/drug use in college life.  Operation “Clear” Goggles changes attitudes on drug/alcohol use and clears the path to a successful college career.

Prevention Programs:



Attention DCC students!  We want to hear from YOU! 

Finish our short & ANONYMOUS alcohol/drug assessment so we know what the norm is on your campus. CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE SURVEY.  Your password is STUDENT. 
For more information contact the Office of Health Services at 504-671-5620.