Appeals Process

Academic Suspension Appeals

  1. A suspension is for one (1) regular (fall or spring) semester.  Only first-time suspensions may be appealed; however, students suspended in the spring semester and again for a second time at the end of the following summer session also have the option to appeal. A student suspended for the first time may enroll, while on suspension, in the coursework specified in the College’s Academic Status policy. To enroll in these courses, the student must meet with an academic advisor.
  2. To appeal the suspension, the suspended student must submit the Academic Challenge/Appeal Form (Form 14440/003) along with the statement to the Registrar’s Office by the Friday before the first day of registration for the semester of suspension. For academic suspension appeals, the form must only be signed by the student. 
  3. The Academic Appeals Committee will convene during the registration period to review the appeals. The Committee may recommend to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs that the suspension be granted or may deny the appeal.

The student will be notified through email the ruling on the appeal. If the appeal is denied, the student will be advised by the Academic Appeals Officer of his/her option to appeal to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs within 24 hours of notification of the denial. The student may submit in writing to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs an explanation detailing why the appeal should be reviewed. The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs issues a decision on the appeal in writing to the student within 24 hours of receipt of the appeal. Decisions by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs are final.