First-Time Freshman Advising and Registration Sessions

The Office of Advising and Testing at Delgado Community College offers First Time Freshman Advising and Registration Sessions to assist new students with class selection and navigating the LoLA registration system.  Sessions are offered at various times and days of the week throughout the registration period at all Delgado locations.  Students should be prepared to spend approximately four to five hours on campus if they choose to complete testing, advising, and registration on the same day. To attend a First Time Freshman Advising and Registration Session you must:

  1. Be a new student (have never attended any college previously)
  2. Complete a Delgado Admissions Application
  3. Complete Delgado's Online Orientation
  4. Complete the Delgado Placement Test or have sufficient ACT scores for class placement (see below).

At the end of the Advising & Registration session, you will have your class schedule, a curriculum sheet, and a two semester course outline prepared by an Academic Advisor.

ACT Test Score Information

Students wanting to submit ACT scores to bypass the placement test must log onto their ACT student account at the ACT website, and bring a copy of their appropriate scores to the testing office prior to the start of their First-Time Freshman Advising session.

ACT scores acceptable to bypass the placement test must be within 3 years from the test date. Scores over 3 years old are not accepted. Students are allowed to combine multiple ACT scores.

Score Do I have to take the placement test?
18 or higher
22 or higher
17 or higher

* An English ACT score of 16- 17 qualifies students to take Delgado's ENGL 110, an intensive five credit hour college composition course that is equivalent to ENGL 101. Students may also choose to enroll in a traditional ENGL 099 course. An English ACT score of 18 places a student directly into ENGL 101 – English Composition I without the need for any developmental coursework in English.

** A Math ACT score of 14-16 qualifies students to take Delgado's MATH 098 - Algebra Foundations I, while a score of 17 -19 qualifies students for Delgado’s MATH 099 – Algebra Foundations II. A Math ACT Score of 19-21 qualifies students to enroll in MATH 120 – Contemporary Math or MATH 128 – Applied Algebra. A Math ACT score of at least 22 is needed for students who want to take Delgado’s MATH 130 – College Algebra.