Single Moms Success Design Challenge

Education Design Lab uses a human-centered design process in combination with tools from other industries to help schools, employers, government agencies, foundations, nonprofits, and innovators to design, test, and implement new higher education models that improve opportunity for historically underserved learners.

Delgado Community College was selected by Education Design lab as one of four community colleges to participate in the Single Moms Success Design Challenge which is generously supported by the ECMC foundation.. Click here to read more about the challenge and its implementation.

Timeline + Critical Milestones

  • March 2019: Design Challenge Starts (Project initiation calls)
  • April-May 2019: On-Site Sessions (Kick Off + Understand)
  • June 2019: Convening (Gallery Walk + Early Ideation)
  • September 2019: On-Site Sessions (Campus Gallyer Walk + Prototype Development)
  • November-December 2019: Virtual Session (Prototype Selection + Launch Plan)
  • January-May 2020: Prototype Testing (Knowledge Sharing + Pilot Iteration)
  • Summer 2020: Convening (Knowledge Sharing + Pilot Iteration)

timeline graphic with the information listed above

Core Team

Brian Auriti - Institutional Research

Arnel W. Cosey, Ph.D. - Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs

Theresa DeGruy, Ph.D. - Assistant to the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs

Gilda Ebanks – Coordinator, Single Stop

Michelle Greco - Director, Enrollment Management

Tina Hunter – Senior Analyst, Office of information Technology

Alexis Parent – Faculty Representative

Important Dates

march 15th calendar iconMarch 15, 2019 
Session 1:
Kickoff Call

april 29th calendar iconApril 29, 2019 
Session 2:
Onsite – Understand

april 29th calendar iconJune 17-18, 2019 
Session 3:
Cohort Convening - Gallery Walk & Ideation Session (Indianapolis, Indiana)

april 29th calendar iconSeptember TBD
Session 4:
Designing on Your Campus - Gallery Walk + Concept/Prototype Development




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