Financial Aid Frequently Asked Questions

How often must I complete the FAFSA?

A FAFSA must be completed every year to determine eligibility. You can complete the FAFSA online.

If I was selected for verification, what are my next steps?

If you are selected for verification, you should receive an email from with instructions to begin the process. Click on the personalized URL link within that email to access the student portal and create your login and password. Follow the instructions in the portal to submit the required documents. You must complete all documentation before you can continue in the financial aid process

I received federal aid. Why wasn’t it enough to receive a bookstore credit?

In order to receive a bookstore credit, a student must have aid left over once all tuition and fees have been covered. The excess funds (up to $900) may then be used in the bookstore. Bookstore vouchers and eligibility vary depending on the amount of authorized aid, the number of hours enrolled, and the timeframe in which awarding was completed.

Why was I awarded a full Pell Grant but only received a portion of it?

Pell Grants are offered based on the number of hours you are enrolled in each semester. As you enroll in course the amount of your Pell Grant award may change.  Full time = 12 hours or more, Three fourths time = 9 hours, Part-time = 6 hours. 

If a student is close to their Lifetime Pell Grant eligibility (600% which equals 6 years), the full amount of Pell may not be received.

What is the difference between disbursement date and refund date?

Disbursement date is the date when funds are expected to be posted to a student’s account to cover tuition and fees. The refund date is the date the student should expect to receive the excess funds posted to the Dolphin One card.

How long does it take to receive my refund?

It can take up to 14 days to receive the refund after funds have been disbursed.

I accepted both loans; why haven’t I received them yet?

There are a few reasons that a student may not have received loan funding:

  • Student did not complete Entrance Counseling and/or Master Promissory Note at
  • Not enrolled in at least 6 credit hours
  • Student is a first-time borrower (must wait 30 days before loans are disbursed)
  • Student has reached his/her undergraduate loan limit (Status can be viewed at the National Student Loan Data System website).

Why has only 1/2 of my loan disbursed?

Regulations regarding students who attend only one semester: Federal regulations require that student loans awarded for one semester (fall only, spring only, or summer only) must be disbursed in two installments. Loan disbursements will be credited to student accounts at the beginning of the semester and at the mid-point of the semester.

Can I repeat coursework and still receive Financial Aid?

Repetitive (repeated) courses will count toward a student’s hours attempted. Repeated courses that were previously failed are counted in hours pursued and, if successfully completed, hours earned.

Students are allowed to retake a previously passed course. A passed course is any course in which a student earns a grade of “D,” “C,” “B,” or “A.” however, financial aid will not cover the cost of re-taking any previously passed course.  Example: if a student receives a grade of “D” in the fall and receives a “C” in the spring for the same course, the student cannot retake the course for the third time AND receive financial aid for the same course. If a student withdraws before completing the course, the federal student aid funding may not be counted as his/her allowed retake course.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

A listing of scholarships is available at the Delgado scholarship website. Only one application is needed to apply for multiple Delgado scholarships. Once completed, the scholarship committee will meet to determine who is eligible for which scholarships.

Will financial aid funds cover summer school?

If a student has financial aid funding available, it can be used for summer school. You must fill out the summer school financial aid application. Once completed, submit to the Financial Aid Office for processing.