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Denisse is an excellent example of Delgado’s English as a Second Language (ESL) student. After calling off an engagement, she came to New Orleans for a vacation, fell in love with the city, and never left. Although she already acquired a degree in Mexico (that is not accredited here in the states), she still went through the ESL Program and is working on her business management degree. Ultimately, she wants to use her bilingual skills working for the Mexican Consulate. She has zest and a twinkle in her eye that makes you believe she is going all the way to the top.

Why did you choose Delgado Community College?

Delgado has the best ESL program. It is the best ESL Program in Louisiana. Delgado has the exact classes that I needed.

What is your area of study?

My major is international business; actually it’s business management with a concentration in international business.

Why did you choose your area of study?

Because I love business and I am a business woman. I love talking to people about money and what is better for the market. I love all those kinds of topics. Besides that I speak Spanish.You know I am from Mexico, so I am bilingual. I lived in Paris for a few months, so I also speak a little bit of French. Speaking a variety of different languages prepares me for international business.

What were you doing before you came to Delgado?

I received a degree in Mexico in English language. My specialty was translation. But while I was studying, I decided I wanted to major in international business. After I finished my degree in Mexico, I became a kindergarten English teacher. That wasn’t the job I was looking for, but it was an opportunity. It was the first opportunity I had when I finished my first degree. When I finished there I went to Paris to study French. Then I returned to Mexico, where I was engaged. Unfortunately, we broke up and I decided to come here just for six months in the beginning—you know just to take a break. I didn’t want to be here for six months without doing anything. So I enrolled in the ESL Program, and the moment I started school I met people from other countries. I became passionate about the environment and New Orleans. New Orleans is a wonderful city that will adopt you quickly. I decided to stay here and change my status to international student.  

What is your most memorable experience?

Finishing the ESL Program is something I am always going to remember. It was so special. It was not easy to pass that exit exam.

What do you like most about Delgado?

I like the experienced teachers that help me in the areas I need to develop in and I really like the school. To be in any place, whether it’s a school or a company, you have to love that place and I really love and admire Delgado.

What are your plans after graduation?

When I finish my degree I want to work in the Mexican Consulate.

Why do you think that you are a student success story?

Because I think that I am a person who is really focused on my studies. I have very clear ideas on what I want to do and I think Delgado is my compliment for that.


If you would like to contact Denisse to learn more about her student success, email her at DNASSA88948@MY.DCC.EDU


Potential jobs and earnings for Denisse

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