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Out of school for 25 years, honored veteran, devoted husband, and father of nine children Muhammad Abdullah is a computer network technology student at Delgado-Northshore-Covington. Abdullah's expected graduate date is spring 2014.

Why did you choose your area of study?

I chose my area of study because I think it is an awesome field to be in right now because computers are in high demand and it pays well.

Why did you choose Delgado?

 I chose Delgado because it is very convenient and it is in my community that I volunteer and work in. I also like the programs that are here and the instructors.

What were you doing before you attended Delgado?

I had a few jobs in the military. I was a missile coordinator, I was a 63 bravo [a light vehicle mechanic] and I was a supply specialist. I was also tasked out to drive the big brass—the general—which was pretty cool. I was also a butcher.  

What branch off service did you serve in?

The Army.

Why did you leave the military?

I served 5 years and 6 months before I was medically and honorably discharged from service due to injury in the Gulf.

Which war/wars did you serve in?

I served in the Desertshield Campagne to Desertstorm Campagne in Saudi Arabia. I was a part of Kuwait Liberation. So I was stationed in Saudi Arabia from the beginning of the Gulf War to the end.


Did you win any awards or honors?

Yes, the Southwest Asia Service Medal, Three Bronze Stars and Kuwait Liberation Medal.

Did your time in the military influence you to choose computer technology?

Yes, when I worked in supply we utilized computers by processing parts and equipment into the system that we took in. It's just a blessing to have some kind of experience going into a major that teaches me about computers because everything that we do involves computers.

What do you like most about Delgado?

The atmosphere. It is a very friendly environment. Everyone is nice and everyone is focused. Everyone is just trying to get their education and be a part of something and I love being a part of something.

What is your most memorable experience, so far?

Attending my computer survey class where my instructor, Donald Hames, was also a veteran. That just blew me away to know that one of my fellow service members was my instructor. The guidance from him was just awesome and it put me over the top because when I first came here I was a little unmotivated. I thought I didn't know as much I should have. He made it easier for me by explaining that everything was going to be fine and that I was going to do great, so after hearing those words, now I am an A student.

What do you do in your spare time?

I spend time with my family and I try to educate my children and help them with their studies. I am a mentor and a volunteer. I am an honor guard with the American Legion. I am on the West 30's Steering Committee in Covington that assists individuals with housing repairs. 

What are your plans after graduation?

To pursue my studies at UNO (University of New Orleans), but my overall goal is to open a business and create jobs in the community where I was born, Bogalusa, Louisiana.

When you think about Delgado, what comes to your mind?



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Potential jobs and earnings for Muhammad

Computer technologists are in high demand—be it application programming, administration, designing, systems analysis or support.  A degree in computer and information technology can lead to a wide variety of career choices, such as:

Computer programmers write code to create software programs. They turn the program designs created by software developers and engineers into instructions that a computer can follow. The average annual salary of computer programmers is $71,380.

Network and computer systems administrators organize, install, and support an organization’s computer systems, intranets, and other data communication systems. Administrators also manage an organization’s servers. They ensure that email and data storage networks work properly and they also make sure that employees stay connected to the central computer network. The average salary of network and computer systems administrators is $69,160

Computer support specialists, also called technical support specialists, support information technologists (IT) or help-desk technicians, support employees within their organization who are having computer problems. The average annual salary of computer support specialists is $46,260.

Employment of computer technologists is expected to increase through 2020.

*Source- U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


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