Leadership Scholarship Requirements

To retain this scholarship the student must:
·         Maintain a 2.5 cumulative grade point average
·         Be a full-time student enrolling in and successfully completing 12 credit hours each semester (may include developmental studies and English as a Second Language courses)
·         Become a member of a registered student organization
o   Must report membership by September 30 for Fall semester and February 28th for Spring semester. Must report student organization by emailing the name of the student organization to studentlife@dcc.edu.
o   Must attend a minimum of 4 events/meetings of the Student Organization chosen.
o   Must completely fill out and receive Student Organization Advisor’s signature on the Membership Verification Form. These forms must be submitted to the Office of Student Life by November 30 for the Fall semester or April 30th for the Spring Semester. Forms can be found on-line at dcc.edu/studentlife , and should be submitted to the Office of Student Life at the following locations:
City Park                                              West Bank                                         
Building 11, Room 111                    LaRocca Hall, Room 147
Slidell                                                 Covington
Front Desk                                          Front Desk, 201 Lockwood 

This Scholarship is only available to first time freshmen, to apply please view the Admissions Page.