Student Organization Guide

"Official student organizations are those groups of Delgado Community College students which operate under the auspices of the college, with the exception of the Student Government Association (SGA), and are organized for the purpose of furthering academic, vocational, or professional goals or other self-improvement or social endeavors. Delgado student organizations are classified as one of the following: departmental clubs, special interest groups, honorary societies, religious groups, and fraternities/sororities, and service organizations.
Delgado is a public facility entrusted to the Louisiana Community and Technical College System Board of Supervisors and to college officials for the purpose of conducting the process of education. Activities of student organizations which are incompatible with this purpose are prohibited." (taken from, DCC Student Organization Policy, November 1999) 
Specific guidelines for forming, operating, and disbanding official student organizations of the college are outlined in the college policy and in this guide.

Guide approved by the Student Organization committee on 10/2009.