Student Government Association


Mission Statement:

The Student Government Association represents the students’ voices while supporting the academic mission of the College. This is done by providing vital co-curricular activities that enhance individual student development. We also promote participation in self-governance and uphold the high standards of education at Delgado Community College.

The Student Government Association's (SGA) Purpose is to: 
  • Represent the student body by conveying the opinions, ideas, wishes, and needs of the students to the Administration, Faculty, and Staff
  • Provide a better social, cultural, and educational life on Campus
  • Promote the high standards of education offered at Delgado Community College

Benefits of Serving on the SGA: 
  • Participate in leadership trainings.
  • Express your voice in college decisions.
  • Provide services to fellow students.
  • Leave your mark by assisting in the planning and implementation of many Delgado traditions and activities.
  • Build your resume.
*Executive Officers are eligible for tuition waivers and Work-Study positions


SGA Webpages:

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