LTD Student Spotlight!

Gregory Luker is a Louisiana Transfer Degree student with the ultimate goal of becoming an electrical engineer. Luker chose Delgado to save on the cost of tuition before transferring to a four-year university, and because of the smaller class sizes with more teacher interaction. He is pursuing a second career because of a back injury from working in construction and because he likes figuring out why and how things work.

“I chose my major because I have been doing construction for seven years and I have been digging a little deeper and looking into the very reasons why things have to be a certain way—structural reasons,” said Luker.

Luker is confident and is very knowledgeable about engineering, science, and math. He also volunteers in the math lab tutoring other students. After he obtains his bachelor’s degree, he wants to be on the front lines of research and technology.

“I plan on becoming an engineer that either owns my own business or is helping out the frontlines of technology,” said Luker.

Luker believes that Delgado is providing the fundamentals that will play a huge role in his future. His expected graduation date is 2014. His wife also attends Delgado.