City Park Evening and Weekend Classes

The Evening and Weekend College at the City Park Campus provides students the opportunity to:
  • Enroll in individual classes for any of the many certificates and degrees offered by the College
  • Complete one of three programs offered through the Louisiana Transfer Degree (LTD) – the Associate of Arts in Business and the Associate of Arts in Sociology. Upon successful completion of all courses students are admitted to a state four-year institution as a junior.
  • Take courses that will transfer to a four-year institution
  • Update or gain skills needed for professional advancement, preparation for a career change, or pursue personal interests
  • Network with working adults and/or others who have similar interests and motivation

Various campus departments and resources are available to students at scheduled times to assist them in their academic pursuits. Academic advisors will also be available for assistance at mid-term and during registration.

Students interested in other degree programs which aren’t offered in the Evening and Weekend College can begin their courses in the evening or on weekends and transfer to day classes to complete their degree.