Timothy K. Baker Scholarship Information

Each semester, the Delgado Community College Theatre Department offers the Timothy K. Baker Outstanding Theatre Student Memorial Scholarship for $500.00. This scholarship is awarded to a General Education major with a concentration in Theatre who is in “good” academic standing, participates in both DCC Theatre Productions that semester, and exemplifies outstanding work in the Delgado Community College Theatre Department throughout the semester.

To be eligible for the award, all interested students will complete the official Theatre Scholarship Application, hand in a professional style resume’, type the required essay, all due at the date listed at the bottom of this announcement. In addition, the interested student will have declared a concentration in Theatre as well as be in “good academic standing” to be considered a “qualifying student”.

A qualifying student will be considered for the scholarship based upon the recommendation of the Theatre Faculty. Applications are accepted continuously until the date listed below. Final scholarship recommendations are made by the Theatre Faculty Committee following the completion of the second show each semester. Awards are presented at the end of each semester.

Applications may be downloaded here or picked up and returned to the Theatre Department at the City Park Campus.

Check with Instructors or the Delgado Community College Theatre Department for due date.

**Please make sure you are working (onstage or backstage) on the first show to be considered for the scholarship. In the past students have been interested- but have not worked the first production and have been ruled “ineligible”. As well, you will have to work (onstage or backstage) the second production as well.

Please Note: Working both shows does not guarantee that you will automatically be awarded the scholarship.

Thanks for your work onstage and off! Please contact Kris LaMorte with any questions. klamor@dcc.edu (504) 671-6387

Download the Scholarship Form