Hilton Career Pathways

collage of hotel workers performing job duties

Hilton Career Pathways is a program that is funded by the Hilton Foundation. It reflects the pivotal role played by Delgado Community College both in the development of young adults, and the training of hospitality industry employees in the city of New Orleans and the greater New Orleans area.

Key Project Strategies:

  1. Expand the College's Research Capacity
  2. Expand Contextualized Course Development & Delivery
  3. Develop a Portable Bridge Program
  4. Exploration of Hospitality Apprenticeship Program

Delgado Community College is an essential component of New Orleans’ regional workforce training and education, offering culinary and hospitality programs tailored to workforce needs. The college is critically evaluating policies, practices, and outcomes to ensure it is the preferred open enrollment training and education option in the New Orleans region. Delgado Community College is increasing opportunities for students who are interested in going to college, but who may not yet be considered college ready

The hospitality pathways program monitors and supports student progress through Delgado’s culinary and hospitality programs while they earn both short and long-term credentials. It also strengthens culinary and hospitality graduates’ successful transition to employment or further education after leaving Delgado.