Portable Bridge Program

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The Portable Bridge Program represents one of four key project strategies of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation grant that was awarded to Delgado Community College in 2018. The Hilton Foundation is investing in the development of culinary and hospitality career pathways for the youth of New Orleans. The main goal is to support youth aged 16 – 24 who are both out of school and unemployed or underemployed. These young people are sometimes referred to as Opportunity Youth. The Portable Bridge Program focuses on supporting Opportunity Youth through partnerships with local workforce development organizations serving a similar population within a culinary and hospitality setting.

The goal for the Portable Bridge Program is to offer a host of classes to our partner organizations on their sites and as a result, increase opportunities for admission to the college for Opportunity Youth. Course offerings in the program include College and Career Readiness and Overview of Culinary Arts. Additionally, Overview of Hospitality is offered and includes two industry-based credentials. If students enroll at Delgado, they can earn credits for these classes by going through the LEAP process, which is part of the credit for prior learning assessment (PLA) opportunity at the college. A fourth class offering is adult basic education, contextualized for culinary and hospitality, which does not earn credits.

liberty kitchen

For more information, please contact: Wafa Faris at (504) 762-3273 or email wfaris@dcc.edu