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The Conrad N. Hilton Grant has been a tremendous help in its effort to support the Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management programs here at Delgado. It has worked to increase retention and helped to produce highly qualified professionals in the local industry. Through funds provided with the grant, Delgado Community College has improved its capability to gather and analyze internal data. College leaders can now make better-informed decisions that positively impact both students and faculty. The grant funds have also provided for the purchase of software products that conduct statistical analysis. Additionally, The Hilton Grant has made it possible for personnel in the Office of Institutional Research to participate in continuing education to learn best practices in the field via attending state and national conferences.

For more information, please contant Corey DuPlantis at cdupla@dcc.edu

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The Hilton Career Pathways program at Delgado has utilized the services of an independent evaluator to provide a bird's eye view of the system that is in place. This evaluation is part of the reporting process that illustrates the HCP's ability to meet its primary objectives. It also helps to determine strengths and vulnerabilities, thereby allowing for adjustments that will steer the program in the best direction. A "Theory of Change," document was created for this purpose. A living document that evolved throughout the planning process was compiled by the evaluator, key members of the program staff, and by stakeholders within the program's umbrella.  The Delgado community of stakeholders includes administrators, instructors, students, and local employers. Activities, immediate outcomes, and long-term impacts from the Hilton Career Pathways that are expected from the program are illustrated in the diagram above; (please click on link to view.) 

For more information, please contant Kathy Weaver at kweave@dcc.edu