The Writing Center provides one-on-one support to student writers attending Delgado through three types of services:



Advantages (+)/Disadvantages (-)


Face-to-face coaching (F2F)

High (on average, students receive better grades using F2F coaching)

1.       (+) Questions are answered in real time

2.       (+) Coaches can better assess student needs

3.       (+) No technical glitches


Live, online Zoom sessions

Medium (student success is increased, but not the same level as F2F coaching)

1.       (+) Questions are answered in real time

2.       (+) No need to be on campus

3.       (-) Can be technical glitches/requires quality wifi


Medium to high

Submitting essays online to receive written coach commentary later (Online Submissions)

Medium (student success is increased, but not the same level as F2F coaching)

1.       (+) No need to be on campus

2.       (+) Can be submitted any time

3.       (-) Questions cannot be answered in real time

4.       (-) Requires up to 24 hours waiting time


Medium to high


Our trained coaches assist students with understanding their assignment prompts, brainstorming ideas, crafting effective thesis statements, organizing their writing, understanding grammar, writing effective introductions and inclusions, and revising. Coaches do not proofread papers.
The Writing Center offers coaching on all writing-based assignments to all registered Delgado students in all subject areas, including History, Psychology, Biology, etc. – any class which requires writing.
During an appointment with the Writing Center you will have 35 minutes with a coach to discuss your essay and an additional 10 minutes to discuss and plan how you will revise your work. Your writing coach will work with you at any point in the writing process from brainstorming to the final draft. The coach does not “fix” your essay, rather your coach will work with you to think about how you can revise your essay.
Clicking this link will send you to Accudemia, where you can login with your Lola login. Once logged in, click “New Appointment” and follow the drop-down list.  00:59-2:23
Appointments can be canceled or rescheduled in Accudemia. Once you have logged into Accudemia, click “View All”, hover over the appointment with your mouse, and you will find the options to change your appointment on the left.  3:36-3:48
Essays and assignment instructions can be uploaded directly to the session notes in Accudemia. View this video for more information. 2:25-2:46
Online submissions are returned within a 24-hour period of booking your session. Your essay will be returned with suggestions for revision- not corrections along with a Blue Sheet. 1:45
Your Blue Sheet is a roadmap for your revision process. Your coach outlines suggestions for how to revise your work. Blue sheets can be accessed by logging into Accudemia. Once you’ve logged in, click “View All,” set the date range to when the appointment happened, and click the appointment to view the notes posted by your coach. 3:58-4:22
After three missed sessions, a student is automatically locked out of Accudemia and will be unable to book new sessions with the Writing Center. Please notify the TawkChat in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.
Ideally, as soon as you receive a writing assignment. Your writing coach can help you understand the assignment and help you brainstorm about how to approach your essay. Writing is a process that requires multiple drafts, so book early and often for the best outcome, and your coach will be with you every step of the way.
Students are allowed to book one coaching session per subject per day.
Booking early in the assignment and booking often, several sessions per essay, are the best ways to use the Writing Center. Find a coach you work well with or shop around for the best results. The WC is here for all students at all levels of writing.