Workshops When You Want Them Request Form

When you need to cover a planned absence, we can schedule one of our coaches to provide a workshop just for your class. Be sure to give us a minimum two-week notice. Choose from the list of workshops below, then fill out the form beneath. If you need to cover more than three classes, please fill out a second request.

Workshops when you want them:

De-Mystifying the In-Text Citation

This workshop helps students correctly format evidence in their essays by using signal phrases and appropriate parenthetical citations according to MLA style.

In Your Own Words: When to Paraphrase a Quotation

In this workshop, students are reminded of the difference between quoting and paraphrasing. They review appropriate situations to paraphrase (vs. using direct quotation or summary), and they practice paraphrasing classic texts.

Works Cited Made Easy

In this workshop, students practice developing a complete Works Cited page. They cite books, websites, and databases with varying numbers of authors. Most importantly, students practice using online sources (Delgado Writing and Research Handbook, Purdue OWL, etc.) as references.

Run-ons, Fragments, and Splices: Tips for Avoiding Common Sentence Fumbles

This workshop helps students get their meaning across clearly by avoiding high-stakes sentence errors. This includes when and how to identify them as well as methods for self-correction.

Get Legit! Finding Reliable Sources

In this workshop, students learn how to gather essay-grade sources from the internet. The focus is on differentiating a credible source from a questionable one.

Coping with Writing Anxiety

This workshop provides strategies and exercises to help students manage anxiety about writing.

All Writing is Rewriting: How to Improve Your Paper through the Revision Process

Students practice revising an essay through re-reading, re-considering, and re-examining past mistakes. This workshop reinforces students’ understanding of essay writing as a multiple step process.

Help! I Don't Know Where to Start! The Pre-Writing Basics of Essay Writing

In this workshop, students practice four prewriting strategies: listing, clustering, cubing, and looping. Students engage in practice activities and see examples. This is another workshop that emphasizes the idea that writing is a multiple step process.

Reading for College: Strategies for Understanding Text

In this workshop, students learn how to be active readers with the skills to 1) navigate textbooks to see the big picture and find clues to important information, 2) stay focused through annotation and strategic note-taking, and 3) retain information including test preparation tips.

Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know about Microsoft Word

This "Wordshop" covers the very basics of Microsoft Word for formatting a paper in MLA (APA upon student request). It is designed for students who are developing their tech savvy. Their takeaway isa formatted page they can utilize for the semester.

But What’s the Point? Writing Strong Thesis Statements

Participants go over what a thesis is and how to develop a strong, arguable thesis for their writing. Students examine strong thesis examples and then create their own in the workshop.

Subject Verb Agreement: Matching Tense and Number

This workshop refreshes or develops student understanding of the relationship between subjects and verbs. Students reinforce their understanding of the necessary components of correct subject/verb combinations.

Smooth Sailing: Writing Topic Sentences and Transitions for Papers that Flow

Students learn the expert tricks, helpful tips, and trusty keywords for moving smoothly between paragraphs and ideas. This workshop includes the very popular Transition Jeopardy.